Forget about it.  Events like this and other zero days will forever put data at Risk.  Of course Im talking about the new 0-day vulnerability that promises to pwn systems the world over, unless you use another browser such as the excellent and wind up getting pwned by some other exploit.  These are called drive-bys but don’t leave your physical body red and bloody, just your bank account and identity and you sense of personal well being and place in this world.  At least there are some that can rapidly respond with intelligence and sympathy.  Im speaking about the excellent analysis that is available from the researchers at and other organizations who consistently provide the detail for enlightened understanding. 


Here is what they have … on …DruUUUm roll please…  The !  It exploits a library function in IE to exploit XML functionality with a ofuscated Javascript delivered by still more SQL injection attacks.  The actual shell code is pretty awesome and can pwn Vista as well due to the evolution of exploits utilizing techniques instead of typical and rapidly becoming exinct buffer overflows via the stack.  From this point it can deliver to a host system any manner of malware as seen and .

Heh,  I just confirmed that one of our clients got exploited on the 11th/12th which means that its pretty prevalent.  That was like 4 days ago!

already has posted the so its only a matter of time till mass chaos.  At this point Microsoft doesnt have a patch yet.  And has already added a for it in the excellent engine of mass destruction. 

On another note, peeps should be using the as it removes a ton of malware from their systems monthly.  You can it removes here which gives pretty good descriptions of the nastiness out there today.