Recently I went through a bunch of excellent training with my company on advanced hacking, digital forensics, and reverse engineering of malware.  It was rather in-depth but very interesting.  You can do all sorts of things with this stuff.  Analyze nasty malware, patch software to crack features, analyze programs and discover how they work, and all kinds of crazy stuff.  The tough part is that you need to be familiar with Assembler programming language, Hex, C, Windows APIs, and IA32 x86 OpCodes to do anything relatively sophisticated. 

Wish I had a dam degree in Computer Science instead of all that irrelevant business knowledge it got with my 4 year degree.  Just kidding, I’ve done great with my career but if you want to get into the bits and bytes you gotta check this stuff out!  Four of the most powerful tools for doing this kind of work are:



Syser Softice Kernel Level Debugger










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