So It looks like Team Cymru implemented my Gamechanger #1 idea to solve the notification challenges…


The BIN (Bank Identification Number) Feed comprises a near-real-time list of bank accounts and credit cards that have been identified by Team Cymru as potentially compromised. This data comes from Team Cymru’s unique insight into the Underground Economy. This service is provided to verified financial institutions at no cost to them.

The BIN Feed is provided through a secure web portal to vetted and verified financial institutions only. Data is carefully isolated, so that each financial institution can only view data on their own customers’ potentially compromised accounts. Representatives of financial institutions may contact the Team Cymru Outreach Team at with details of their BIN/IIN numbers to request access to this data. Please provide details of your institutional affiliation and allow time for us to verify and validate your request.

I am going to have to give this the whole 2 DIGITS up.

SPOTLIGHT: Shine Bright.

March 25, 2009

This site will begin to host and post Dossiers on known, identified Cybercriminals embracing the concept of “Open Source Evidence” 

Send Comments and we will begin to publish case files.



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