OK, so your saying the guy that is now in charge of protecting us from cyberbadness is saying <QUOTE> ” .”  </QUOTE>

It’s usually poor taste to cuss in what should be a professional forum but….


Someone brief this guy up or get him off the stage..

If I could put the digital threats our country faces into a single simple pictorial message it would be this.  Here is the threat we face….

and here is you, the cyber defender.  NOTE/HINT: You’re somewhere in the middle there.

We are getting our LUNCH eaten.  If Google going full disclosure didnt wake anyone up then they really don’t realize what they are dealin with. 

They get in, they entrench and you dont get them out.    However I have the solution:

  • CIO’s are utterly ineffectual in impacting the security of our Government systems and data.  No Power to FIRE, Slash budgets or hold people accountable for abysmal security postures.  – No accountability. – Emphasize RESULTS
  • Put somone in charge, empower them and get the hell out of the way.
  • Communicate to hostile actors there is a cost to their actions, ensure they pay it.
  • - Reference Siberian Pipeline Explosion.
  • Launch unattributable Rear Guard attacks. (Wage counter asymmetric warefare) Tie their resources up with resource draining attacks in their rear echelons.
  • Implement a friends and family cyber-beatdown plan.  -in response to vociferous Foreign Minister denials.  I don’t care if you say you didnt do it, Im still holding your ass responsible.

I have an idea.  We should just bill them licensing fees for all the crap they have stolen.  Anyone got the number for the WTO?  I would call them on my nifty VOIP line but some guy answered in Mandarin.

Excellent reads. Israeli E-Attack on Syria  and   Apparently tied to and Senior programs which embarrassingly enough I was not even aware of.  My god the realm of open source intell…

Completely unrelated to cyber but .   Actualy vis a vis China, it realistically shows us that the Cyber conflicts we are dealing with are outstandingly narrow in scope and focus that the full spectrum of conflict with the big dogs in power politics.  Let’s not forget the bigger picture SuperGeeks….  This type of stuff is the real deal in the RealPolitic World that will be the next 50-100 years…


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