Tons of great stuff coming out of Blackhat.  A company called now has a engine for Cisco routers.  Check out the . Pretty awesome.  Several years ago based on from a guy named and the Phenolit group, a guy named Michael Lynn that PWNs Cisco routers based getting around Heap memory checking and was able to execute code.  

It caused crazy controversy and Mike left his job with IBM and CISCO ripped out the material from the Blackhat media and threatened all kinds of lawsuits.  It was actually pretty funny.  Anyways, the research area of exploiting embedded hardware and non-Wind0z type OS platforms has got the best and brightest in the world on the case.  Felix works now at Recurity doing some awesome RE stuff.  This will not be the last time this area of comes up.  Now they are talking .  Researchers like at are even taking this stuff even down the rabbit hole.

O and if that isn’t enough there is a huge stink right now with the FBI and others CISCO devices.  This poses a potential huge .  Now is on the !


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