This is an archive of Cyber Weapons available for advanced research  by vetted and trusted parties.  Special focus will be placed on collaborative analysis and correlation with the goal of achieving higher situational awareness to Chinese PLA based attack tactics techniques and procedures with a focus on specialization and differentiation on each of the 7 Military Regions and their attendant Tactical Reconnaissance Bureau custom toolsets used for cyber espionage targeting, well … Just about everyone, including their own populace.

The repository will consist of only vetted and certified APT specific malware with no intersection with cybercrime roots or methods.  This is to better focus research on the key threats through critical triage methods.  Contact [email protected] or Diocyde on Twitter for details and access.  Better bring your A/GAME.

2 Responses to “Starlight Armory”

  1. edward miles said

    Hey, I came across your site in the wake of the HBGary incident. I was particularly interested in your post regarding the true origins of malware DNA (or DDNA as HBG calls it), but it seems the post has disappeared. Any reason you might have removed it? (If you’d like some background on my interest, you can search for me in the leaked HBG emails.)

    Also, your Enemy Armory sounds interesting, and if you wouldn’t mind I would love to get access to it.


    • diocyde said

      Apparently the posting was set to Private without my knowledge. There is a now a Warning on my admin screen saying there is a concern about some of the content on my blog. Replyed to their “click here to contact us” so the issue can be resolved and posting can be re-enabled. I guess Im shut down until this is resolved.

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