This site is about the incubation, development and growing of cyber game-changing solutions to some of todays most vexing cyber problems.  Key areas of research are the destruction of major botnet networks, the revelation of military cyber units involved in espionage on behalf of their country, and the research into the destabilizing aspects of threat actor attribution.  It also will involve collaborative malware research and reversing. 

Diocyde is a cyber veteran at this game of cat and asshole.   His focus in on advanced research of destructive cyber-weaponry with a focus on highly disruptive effects.  He lives in San Diego, San Antonio, and Springfield simultaneously, never sleeps, and has his eyes on moving cyber target indicators 20 at a time.  He is waiting for the industry and his country to move with concerted purpose in the common goal of doing what needs to be done, and its not called Defense in Depth.

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  1. ph said

    Greetings. I am cautiously interested in your idea to expose the individuals and organizations behind the major botnets. But I have one crucial question. What if the US intelligence agencies, or some subsidiary of, are involved? Would you be willing to out them? Memories of Iran-Contra come to mind. I have no background in military or intel work but I’ve read enough to be concerned about the ethics operating at that level of geo-politics. It seems, from my limited perspective, that each country typically gives the green light on whatever operations their own countries are involved in, but condemn other countries for doing the same things – part of a larger symptom of the sickness of our world.

    • diocyde said

      Hey thanks for the post.

      Well I dont mean to be Jingoistic, however Im part of team America, by birth. Cyber-crime attribution affects us all. CyberEspionage affects primarily our Country but it is by no means isolated. The commonality of CyberEspionage at least in the public is China, because their operators are two bit hacks, who are sloppy as shit and drool all over your network leaving disgusting ass slobber and a shitton of Spearfish attacks constantly belching at you and your stupid users clicking on them and CIOs not being bastards and threatening to hang anyone in IT that doesnt patch their systems and make them stay up to date. Still with Chinese access to sourcecode of Windows, they are blowing Zero days like a freaking teenager with a drunk slut and a new Camaro in Summer. As a result the o-days are detected and spill into exploit pack land where they are used for collateral damage known as cyber crime. The give that keeps on giving. I have no intention to Attribute US intel or companies because frankly its to dam good and doesnt get caught. (Good luck with that) They are the best in the world. As with regard to your GeoPolitical comments I follow that quite a bit (Asia Times, Financial Times, The Atlantic, ectera) and there are no ethics in Geopolitics, only interests. If you want more details on my Attribution market send me your details and we can collaborate on actually building something.


  2. Mickey Mouse said

    Too late for advanced destruction, it already happened and you missed the bus to the ware. When was the last time you shopped at Best Buy or any other store in the Chinese U.S.A.

    The greedy politicians sold out American ideals long ago. Order of battle is buy Chinese, more Chinese, and sellout the American worker. Our electronic fabric is heavily woven into the Chinese matrix ….. can’t you see the green $100’s headed across the pond.

    C’mon, your articles are a bit like a cold war movie. We crushed the Soviets because we had profits and sound business practices. The Chinese will break our spines because we are LAZY bums buying their cheap junk and they pay jack shit for slave labor.

    Sure countless Chinese will die from horrible diseases related to pollution, but hell they can afford to buy new land and clean up later. Plus is they have tons of bodies to kill off anyways so a billion or so dead is no big deal.

    History is the best teacher and we didn’t learn anything from it. Meanwhile we grow poor, debt rises, and the Chinese control our infrastructure and undermine our financial systems and buy us out without firing a shoot (maybe their own people).

    WAKE UP AND SALUTE THE RED FLAG… Either way your cyber mumbo jumbo and active defense concepts are worthless.

    Perhaps you drinking the DC kool-aid and actually believe politicians care about us? Yeah, they care like Nixon cared as he tried to micro manage Vietnam soldiers.

    Cat and mouse… how about we played and lost the game.

    Chipset made in China = game over and total loss of control unless we do something radical. Doubt that will happen soon since their stealth fighters are already in production.

    And you, well you don’t even allow remarks to your posts because your some wannabe Cyber Jock who cannot read between the lines and see what’s real and in front of your face.

    Wake up, drink some coffee and grow a set of balls and allow my post.


    real email

    • diocyde said

      Heya Rob,

      Thanks for the post! Since you took the time to actually type sentences I will reply to your comments.
      For one its never too late for counter-attacks/active defense, or whatever you want to call it. And actually I havent missed any bus to its spelled “war”. I have been on the front lines fighting it. I have several thousand digital warheads fired at our Country and thats just a fraction. If you have any legitimate technical skills to contribute I would consider collaborating with you as I do other researchers in the field. The China owning the USA is actually sort of a fallacy, they have not “Completed the purchase” They dont need to or would be allowed to buy America, as the Saudis, were allowed in the 2000’s and the Japanese in the 80’s. They will just steal every piece of important intellectual property we own right from under our noses as Our leadership looks them in the eye across a Prime Rib dinner and shakes their hand. The Chinese hold 6% of our debt. Not a huge amount but around 960 Billion.. We wasted about that on the Iraq war. Actually more than that but who’s counting. It is indeed sad that our polititians have sold us out I do agree. Order of battle isnt like ordering a Snuggie online. Its a military term for Gathering and Organization of an adversaries forces, structure, capabilities, location, moral, positioning, armaments, supplies, and orders ectera…. Its gathered for Enemy situational awareness and to develop targeting plans. Its one of the first stages, actually constant stage of conflict or future conflict. As we go Cyber we must prepare the battlefield. Thus Enemy Cyber Order of Battle. Specifically that means gathering as much technical data on the Sigint/CyberInt infrastructure that the enemy possesses. As for buying Chinese crap, I completely agree, the day the US went Walmart style and started injesting crappy plastic junk is the day we sold our selves out. However many Americans want that crap but not actually have to make it. Eventually their labor prices will increase but by then it will be to late. I completely agree with your History comment. If we had really learned from history we would have stood up and smacked the shit out of them After Titan Rain. Unfortunately Everything is massively overclassified, plunging the US in to near darkness while they loot us. We need a national disclosure law for cyber incidents with espionage nexuses. What you see might be like .05 percent of what goes on. The joke in DC is if you have an IT problem, as the PLA to patch it for you. Or another day, working at China Telecom, commonly known as our Federal Agencies (clueless). Look for the ones who are way Ramping up cyber security spending and youll figure out who got fucked. Where I completely disagree with you is your defeatist attitude to the fact that we cant do anything about it. I dont spout cyber mumbo jumbo, read the blog and see. I advocate aggressive strategies to disrupt and destroy our enemys actions and make them punatively pay for their actions. In my mind its the Politics thats for pussies. I would let this battle wage in open public if I had my way. I have tons of strategies that people with will and resources could leverage some of which are mentioned here. So Active Defense is not worthless, its the lawyers and the regulations, and the weak willed leaders that refuse to aggressively embrace it that are worthless. I hold no allusions to politicians caring about us. Cat and Mouse game isnt lost, we just need to figure out how to change the rules of the game out from under neath them. Adversaries dont modify their actions unless they get hit with consequences. Actually their stealth fighter is I believe a prototype. Production would mean they are cranking out lots of them and have the support and trained pilots to field a squadron, but whatever, Their copying of our technology (god I cross my fingers) Might literally blow the fuck up right underneath them If I was running the show. (Ref: Siberian Pipeline explosion) The reason I havent “allowed” remarks is because I havent checked this in a while but you get yer wish ;) I would have approved it regardless. No Im not a Cyber wannabe Jock. Ive been doing this a long time and have the resume and salary to prove it.

      Props for the inflamatory yet valid English.


  3. said

    If you need recruits, our limited resources are ready, willing and able for the fight.

    • diocyde said

      I would be very interested in speaking with you about what type of things you would be interested in contributing, and what types of resources you might be able to bring to the table. Email me privately at

  4. jack said

    Could I just recommend something? Please get someone to review your writing before you post it. I’m not the only one is very interested in what you post, but the f*** this and f*** that is a distraction. A lot of people shut down when they run into stuff like that, not because of sissy ears, so don’t throw that back at me. And worse, the grammar and the spelling needs serious repairs.
    Here’s what happens. I come here and I want to read your blog, immediately I get the impression you spent a long time in the military f*** this and f*** that and it comes across as grunting. Then the grammar and the horrendous spelling mistakes gives me the impression that 1) you are the sole source of your information, 2) you are in a blazing hurry and don’t care about accuracy, and 3) you’re just spewing and venting and ranting. These cause me to push back and not want to return. Don’t throw your beer can at the computer and tell me to f*** off, I really want you to clean up your act. I would even be willing to help.

    • diocyde said


      Your not the first person who has mentioned this. :) Yes I do have I guess a cavalier style. I originally created this blog to capture all the ideas swimming in my head, and was annoyed that they where not captured anywhere. It was truly a chaotic rambling stream of consciousness. I did not have a large readership then, and agree with you that this could be “off-putting” to some. I previously justified it by thinking, its about the concept and the idea, not the delivery but recently I have been making better use of the spell checker. I will probably go back and clean up the o… like 103 previous posts but I have been dreading it. I think with this much viewership now I just might. Thanks for succinctly calling me out :). Yes obviously people in certain environments (such as military) tend to cuss more. I fully appreciate the power of a curse word, and have tried to use it only where its meaning lends gravitas’ to get a point across and not juvenile overkill. I am not the sole source of my information. It comes from a long line of professional expertise, or maybe I’m just a teenage kid in his basement, who knows. Maybe the language and grammar/spelling thing is a ruse… I appreciate the willingness to help, however I would be more interested in the willingness to share your thoughts on the topics, content, and strategies I propose. I am very pleased you are interested in the material and I hope to do more compelling stuff in the future.


  5. Darren said


    I’ve worked in IT for some 20 Years. In that time, I’ve never reached a coding level, thus, I can confess that in the deeper layers of pure bowel hunting in terms of Malware, I don’t claim to possess the skills required to dig to your level.

    As an offset to this, I figured I would add in my less qualified feedback, albeit still valid. The majority of ‘Western’ networks get build with usability within their build lines, and security is often an after-thought or side issue. I can’t tell you how many places I have worked that even when security exists, the security is utterly broken beyond repair. In most places, the security is picked apart by social vectors before you ever reach the actual areas where an OS attack vector sits. Much of this comes about because the bulk of Western Networks get built by Businesses, – for Businesses. The management focus is ever pressing on doing things for the business first and making them secure second. Or Tenth. And its a punitive vector on companies if they don’t do this. Companies exist primarily to make money, thus, making money resides over areas like security. In Government, many networks seem to believe that they can carry out what I will call the Stuxnet defence. The networks are closed or have limited entry vectors – and its used as a primary defensive line in their security ethos. And yet, if you cross that barrier, such networks are filled with old machinery, and old, insecure, obselete operating systems, and although often ‘locked’ down, the lockdown is offset by massive unpatched levels of attack vectors rendering the lock down ineffective.

    Personally, and this is a personal take on this, in a wide general and generalising sense, I have found that Windows running day to day as Admin tends to be the greatest open venctor that is faced. Vista and 7 did not change this, they tried to mitigate the game involved and only partially worked in offsetting risk. In due course this will be a failure like many of the other stop gap efforts people tend to resort to.

    Stepping back, I provided some info and a guide aimed at end users that helps a little in terms of XP some time ago, and these links are here.

    People do not like being told to stop doing things they do, and to do things that make life more difficult.

    XP is especially open to malware, and its so widespread that infestation is a way of life. I have over the years got very good at clearing out Malware from a Windows system, but I am also fully aware that the true reality is that Malware has easily evolved way beyond the base level of clean up, and in a general sense machine wipe is the only true way. Other ways leave you open to infestation wether you know it or not.

    Going back to your cyber war theme, its a much bigger war – something you are shouting from the roof tops about – quite rightly, than people realise. Its far bigger, larger, and in depth than people realise. And the war has to really start at home. There needs to be legal penalties for running systems that are run badly. The systems and networks needs a complete re-benching in terms of how people thing about them. Privacy breaches, and failures in security need public release, and debate, and reaction and foward movement. You have to make running wrongly, and running insecurely as a socially unacceptable basis for a company, organisation, government or state. And in this, some practical sides and offerings do have to die.

    Now, in the meantime, I go back to trying as I have for two years to ‘persuade’ people around me to work hard on windows and network security, on the road to improvements because there is no end to the journey, and more specifically and in some sadly comincal way, trying to persuade them of the looming plausable disaster in their closed Siemens networks and PLC equipment areas (aka the stuxnet defence) – of which they continually delude themselves as being safe and immune despite being a monster of a security calamity waiting to happen.

    As an aside, its kind of the norm I guess that the looming stuxnet mare is going through the vice with gov and companies trying to cover it up and keep it quiet rather than do the security work needed.

    Now, if Siemens faced actual money penalties for insecurity – things may not be like they are. But like everyone else, they can make money from not making it secure, and lose nothing when its not.

    I wish you well in this fight, but I am more than aware of the fact we are losing, everywhere, at all times, and on scale, width, and depth.

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