One of the most destabilizing aspects of the HBGary data breach is the sheer amount malware samples, cybercrime and APT related there are as well as customer lists.  These customer’s generally buy products only after getting wacked by APT.  So gleaning through the data, there is a massive victim list which obviously most everyone knew already, however the fact that this is public makes it all the worse.  News will be pouring out of this archive for months. 

This is a gold mine of cyber intelligence and efforts being developed behind closed doors.

My prediction, some Defense contractor will buy at a fire sale price the IP of the company, its products and hopefully bring its true technical talent into its ranks and get rid of the executives.


3 Responses to “Things are gonna get a lot brighter in the IR Space.”

  1. said

    Actually the most shocking thing was that they were using Windows. You’d think that a computer insecurity firm would have known better.

  2. said

    I reposted the censored information here:

  3. J. Rambo said

    It seemed to me that the company was a pretty empty shell – 3 guys overestimating their value and skills, relying on social networking to grab info and contracts from the gov cash cows.
    When looking at the pentest they performed for a gaming company, you end up with the VP and COO being pentesters and running nmap&nessus probes; not mentioning the quality of the report, which is basically a shame for the rest of the profession.

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