Information Bombs

February 14, 2011

Well, as predicted, Anonymous dropped Greg Hoglund’s email spool which contains 27,000 emails.  This will very likely be bad.  This year has witnessed the beginning age of the new cyber weapon, the Information Bomb.  This is a weapon used in a cyber attack to use an enemy’s information against him by piercing the security of communications that most organizations assume they enjoy.

Ironically, Penny and Greg had won over the Anonymous group in their IRC conversations, but somehow managed to piss them off, prompting them to drop the rest of the email, deep sixing what Penny and Greg tried so hard to keep private.  Anonymous also did what the promised and started a Web based email reader interface so the world can “investigate”.

I wish I could channel the voice of that Guy who said the cool shit whenever the Dukes of Hazzard get in deep shit, but for now I think the HBGary dukes are “Retired”.  I hope they have strong drinks in Carmel.


They appear to be coded with a quickness and implemented in PHP.  

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