Cat call the Kettle?

January 20, 2011

It is with supreme irony that our leadership has this grand ole red carpet treatment for a country that everyone is raving about its growth, when its growth is on the back of our stolen ideas and technology that obviously they cannot innovate themselves.

If you would like to know who helped Hu prepare for all his meetings, well your looking at them.

Expect them to have all of our positions and talking points.. and prepared responses that undermine our strategies.

Maybe we should just charge them like an ISP monthly access fees for their persistent access to our Goverments networks.  Mmmmm that will be like 980 Billion please. We will just deduct it out of your TBills in your foreign reserves.  This includes the cost of all our products you have stolen, opps I mean bought, cause you know we have now affixed a finite value to all US information products.

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